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Meet the doc

Dr Botha qualified as a dentist at the University of Pretoria in 1972 and after a 2 year stint in England as general dentist, he came back to Pretoria in 1974 to qualify as a specialist Orthodontist 4 years later (1977). He practiced in association with Dr Fanie Nel for 3 years and left when the previous building was demolished to make way for the present Brooklyn Dens building at Brooklyn Circle, thus escaping the double move that would have been necessary. Since then he has been practising in association with Dr Bertus van Niekerk to the present.


We moved to the present location at Xcelpark in 1988. Dr Botha was also the first Orthodontist that offered a specialised orthodontic service in the Western Transvaal (North West Province) and a branch practice was maintained in Potchefstroom for 26 years before it was transferred to Dr. Alfred Dippenaar in 2003.

Academic Involvement: Dr Botha had close ties with the University of Pretoria until 2020, where he acted as a consultant to the Post Graduate facility at the Dental School, Dept of Health Sciences. During the period 1999-2009 he held the post of Head of Post Graduate Studies in this department, training and coordinating the training of future orthodontists. This was done on a part time basis with the help of other local orthodontists. The post of Head of Post Graduate Training was vacated in 2009 in order to concentrate full time on private practice and to make way for a full time head of the department, Dr. P. Hlongwa. Dr Botha continued as a consultant on a bi-weekly basis, eventually under Prof. S. Dawjee who has been appointed the new full time Head of the Department of Orthodontics in 2010.

Dr Botha is a founding member of the PRETOS ORTHODONTIC STUDY CLUB whose six members have been meeting regularly since 1991 in order to stay abreast of new developments as well as to discuss unusual clinical cases. It is in fact practice policy that the staff should fire Dr. Botha if it is found that we are not staying up to date with meaningful new developments! Dr Botha is also a past president of the South African Society of Orthodontists (SASO).

Dr Piet Botha has a special interest in Functional Jaw Orthopaedics as well as Adult Orthodontic Treatment.

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