Adult Treatment

Adult Braces

Most people don’t realize that adults can successfully receive orthodontic treatment. There are many orthodontic treatment options available some of which are very aesthetic and almost completely invisible. Foremost, the main complaint of patients will be addressed but all aspects will be fully discussed.

Treatment is very seldom just for aesthetic purposes because many adults have temporal mandibular joint pain (“earache”) and headaches and don’t realize it is caused by the teeth not fitting properly. Crown- and bridge-work (Prosthodontics) can help improve aesthetics but if the bite is not corrected before prosthodontics, the headaches and the pain will not go away and most adults bite their crowns to pieces when the jaw position is incorrect – or damage the opposing teeth. It does not matter what age you are… you can still be treated these days. It is possible to have healthy teeth into old age and many people reach the late nineties and even more! Treatment options can consist of standard braces, clear braces, or Clear aligners which is 90% invisible..

Adult treatment is done for functional and aesthetic reasons ,the same as in children, but the techniques and goals may vary. Fortunately the adult has the power of choice once he /she fully understands the options and the benefits of the proposed treatments. It is our practice policy that all questions should be answered and that we will not treat anybody who does not fully understand the goal of treatment as well as the methods involved.